The Central Reception
(information, scheduling of appointment with nephrologists, urologists, cardiologists):
The Room of Paid Services:
The Room of Consultation and Cardiology:
Help Desk of the Health Care Committee of Minsk City Executive
From April 2, planned hospitalization in the urology, nephrology, endocrinology and cardiology departments is temporarily stopped. Scheduled examinations by a nephrologist and a urologist in the clinical diagnostic department cease. Information on the resumption of the normal operating mode will be posted on the site additionally.

There are 3 republican centers

on the premises of the clinical hospital:

The services for the outpatients:

  • consultations and examinations at the City Center for Children’s Endocrinology
  • consultations and examinations at the Interdistrict Room of Endoscop
  • consultations by the urologists and nephrologists of the department of consultation and diagnostics
  • consultations and examinations at the room of consultation and cardiology

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